‘Kip’s Ceilidh’ – A day of creative Folk Dance and Folk Band for the whole school


Kip has been working with schools in Devon for many years with many different hats on. He also works as a dance caller and fiddle player in ceilidh bands and specialises in working with children or mixed groups of adults and children.  He is now launching a new project to bring folk dance to children through one day school workshops in dance, band accompaniment and creative movement.


The first session focuses on learning a series of collaborative dances from Europe.  We work in sets.  Children who show an interest in forming the band can do so, using instruments from your music cupboard, their own instruments brought in from home, or sets of wider opportunities instruments you may have in school.  They will play along with me on the fiddle or ukulele.


In session 2 we create a dance unique to your school, using some of the shapes learnt in session 1, as well as some new ones choreographed by the children themselves, and based on themes suggested by them.  This then becomes your bespoke school signature dance, and we can perform it at the end of the day.  If you want to take a video of it we can do that too.


This day long workshop can be split up in a number of ways.  I can manage up 60 children at any one time given an appropriate space.  Ideally I like to work with a class for half a day at least, so two classes in a day works well – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  The work is aimed at KS2, but I am happy to work with KS1 by incorporating singing and movement games.


If you are interested and want more detail of price, availability and timings you should contact me on 01803 868449 or 07969123346 or email me on kip@eiffel.org.uk   You can also find out about Barn Dances with ‘Blue Jewel Ceilidh Band’, book Kip to call dances at an event or find out about Folk Dance workshops for adults.